Frequently Asked questions


Where can you park your Tiny Home?

The most common options for parking your Tine Home include a back yard or an RV/Mobile Home Park. 

Why not just buy an RV?

Metal RVs all tend to look alike, appear to be uncomfortable and uncomfortable.  Tiny homes are meant to be lived in for longer periods of time and are moved around less often.  For this reason, they are built to feel more like a home, with 4 season insulation, natural wood walls and floors , and nice amenities such as stainless steel appliances if desired.   Each tiny home is built with quality marksmanship. There are no pre-fabs or manufactured pieces.   

Tiny Homes are not about sacrificing.  They provide the comfort you desire while  giving you the freedom to live a simpler, fuller life; connecting with nature, family and friends.

How much does a tiny home cost?

Are you Interested in taking the big step in living the tiny life, but are not up to building your own home? We can build your fully-furnished and move-in ready Tiny Home for you! Contact us for pricing information.

What is included in our completed Tiny Homes?

Our Tiny Homes are built with top of the line appliances:  Stainless Steel oven and cook-top, microwave and refrigerator, and washer/dryer combo.  In addition, our homes are equipped with a Pioneer 9,000 BTU mini split heating and air conditioner and dual 30 lb propane tanks as well as a tank-less water heater.