Our Story


Your Builders - Chuck and Janet

  Having lived an ‘off the grid” lifestyle in the mountains of Arizona, we understand what a family needs to live comfortably in a downsized home. There is simplicity of Tiny House Living that can be very rewarding. Not being tied down to your belonging, having the ability to live the life you want, where you choose, and doing what makes you happy is the very essence of “The American Dream”! 

y name is Chuck. My wife Janet and I have been self-employed in the construction business for over forty years. My wife and I have been married for forty-two years and we have two children.
Building tiny homes is something I have found I have a real desire for. I like what the Tiny House Movement stands for. It is about capturing your dreams and the freedom to accomplish those dreams. That is the very reason I have become involved in this movement.  

Financial Partner - Elmer

Partner - Elmer

Elmer served in the Vietnam War.  Elmer  has been in the home construction business for many years. He also owns and operates Elmer's Barber Shop in the town of Irvington, Indiana.


How the Tiny Homes partnership came to be

While Chuck was having his hair cut at Elmer's barber shop, the discussion centered around the Tiny Home Movement and  how the both of them loved the idea of living a minimalist, free-living type of lifestyle .  With over 60 years combined experience in the the construction business, they agreed to combine their talents and help bring the movement to the Midwest.  The demand for tiny home construction is so strong, many builders are currently having trouble keeping up with demand.    

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